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About 15K

OUR CHALLENGE is to support the Greater Louisville Education
Commitment goal of significantly increasing for African Americans the
number of college degrees by 15,000. 15K is an initiative to actively engage
and mobilize the Louisville African American community to join the 55,000
Degrees challenge, Louisville’s Education Commitment and targeted plan to
raise education levels by 2020.

15K aims to create an education movement within the African American
community that advances a college-going culture in support of a common
agenda; to increase education attainment, prosperity, lifelong learning and an
improved quality of life. Become a part of the movement to create a collegegoing
culture in our neighborhoods, churches, schools and organizations.

• Become an education advocate or mentor and encourage others.
• Create college experiences (college fairs, campus visits).
• Make education a theme for organization events and programs.
• Create a scholarship or help raise money for existing scholarships.
• Help those with “some college” return and complete.
• Increase out-of-school time activities and summer employment.
• Provide support and promote existing college-going programs.

• Interdenominational Ministerial Coalition
• Louisville Urban League
• Making Connections Network
• Simmons College of Kentucky
• 55,000 Degrees

Everyone can make a difference and help ensure that 15,000
of 55,000 new degree holders will be African American. Count Me In! provides ways for all to play a role in reaching the 55K community goal.

Click here to take the Count Me In! pledge now.

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